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We are particularly keen to support innovations that are specific to the following focus areas:

Best Start in Life
Laying the foundations for a healthier future. This focus topic targets innovations that will enable parents and children, from pregnancy through to adolescence, to have a healthy lifespan.

Prevention is better than cure. We want to pinpoint ways in which prevention and early identification can be improved to help people manage their health and stay well for longer.

Age Well
People are living longer – but not always in good health. We are keen to develop solutions that help the growing elderly population to stay healthier and independent for longer.

Staff Wellness
Staff are the key to the health and social care system. We want to build a system that encourages and enables staff to lead healthy, happy lives and make choices that support wellbeing.

Environmental Sustainability
Climate change is the greatest threat to our global health in the 21st century. We want to design and deliver a health and social care system that minimises impact on the environment.


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