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Oxford Academic Health Partners Charity

About the Oxford Academic Health Partners Charity

The Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), Oxford Academic Health Partners (OAHP), was established in 2017 to provide the AHSC with an independent vehicle for delivery against strategic initiatives agreed by the partnership. In addition, this CIO provides a platform for formal interaction with stakeholders through the ability to grant associate member status.

OAHP is a separate legal entity from each of its corporate trustees (Oxford University Hospitals NHS FT, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford Health NHS FT, the University of Oxford and Health Innovation  Oxford and Thames Valley) and has therefore legal independence from them and can act independently.

OAHP is regulated by the Charity Commission (Charity number 1174725) and has an approved charitable constitution that can be found here.  It submits the Annual Return, Annual Report and Annual Accounts to the Charity Commission each year by 31 January each year.  Copies of these documents will be published and full details are available on the Public Register at the Charity Commission.

Activities of OAHP

OAHP was established with the explicit aim of providing a vehicle that could contract on behalf of its Trustees to advance health by research, clinical care, education and training to provide solutions so that clinical research breakthroughs lead to direct clinical benefits.

As a Charity that is intending to interact with the higher education sector and health and social care providers, the preferred route to provide funding is through making grants. OAHP will make grants to individuals and to organisations through a standard and non-negotiable set of grant conditions that will be published on the OAHP website.

In addition to providing grant funding, OAHP is permitted to:
• provide services; and
• act as an umbrella or resource body

Further information on the activities, particularly in relation to the OAHP Awards 2021 and the Research Development Award can be found in the Annual report and here.

The Annual Report for the year end 31 March 2023 follows 240125_OAHP Annual Report 2022 2023 signed

Charity Board Membership

The Governance arrangements for the charity as are follows:

Chairman of Board of Trustees

Professor Sir John Bell  Regius Professor of Medicine at the University of Oxford, and Chairman of OAHP Board

Corporate Trustees

  • Professor Meghana Pandit – CEO Oxford University Hospitals NHS FT Chief Executive Officer
  • Dr Karl Marlowe – Medical Director, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust
  • Professor Linda King – Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research and Global Partnerships, Oxford Brookes University
  • Professor Gavin Screaton – Professor of Medicine and Head of the Medical Sciences Division, University of Oxford.
  • Professor Gary Ford – CEO Health Innovation Oxford and Thames Valley (formerly Oxford AHSN)

Board of Representatives

  • Professor Keith Channon  – Trustee Representative for Oxford University Hospitals NHS FT
  • Professor John Geddes – Trustee Representative for Oxford Health NHS FT
  • Professor Paul Carding – Trustee Representative for Oxford Brookes University
  • Professor Helen McShane – Trustee Representative for the University of Oxford

Executive Team

  • Dr Sara Ward – Chief Executive
  • Dr Ryan Pink – Company Secretary
  • Mrs Megan Turmezei – Director of Fundraising and Secretary to OAHP Board
  • Dr Nick De Pennington – CIO

The Awards Committee
Proposals for awards are presented through a Judging Panel to the Board of the Charity for Approval.  Judges are drawn from across the Partners.