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Oxford Joint Research Office


OAHP Priority: To develop the Oxford Joint Research Office to enable closer working and coordination for research within the NHS and academia. The JRO will extend its reach and orientation to become an Oxford-wide research office fit for the long-term development goals of the region

Originally established in 2011, the Oxford Joint Research Office was set-up to facilitate the delivery of clinical research in Oxford by improving communication and streamlining processes through shared knowledge and expertise between Oxford University and Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. This enabled academics and clinical teams to work together design and deliver health research in clinical settings.

In 2022, the Oxford Joint Research Office was expanded to include Oxford Brookes University and Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, vastly extending the potential for collaborative health and care research across the region.

This significant development was achieved through:

  • support at the highest level in each organisation
  • influence and advocacy of the Oxford Academic Health Partners Board members, of which all four institutions are members.
  • The tireless work of the existing Research Offices staff
  • Operational support and advice from the OAHP team.

Achievement of the objective was included in the Annual Report for 2022/2023 submitted to NIHR in July 2023.`

The work of the Oxford JRO has continued to be developed and consolidated and the following brochure is published in advance of the JRO Teams Away Day on 18 October Oxford JRO Brochure – October 2023