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Charity Awards 2021 outcome

The Charity Trustees authorised the transfer of funds from the (then) AHSC Revenue account in both 2018/19 and 2019/20 totalling £40,000.   The (then) Oxford AHSC Chief Operating Officer, Dr Glenn Wells, proposed that an award scheme be introduced to benefit employees of the Partners.  Following designation as the Oxford Academic Health Partners from April 2020, the plans for the Award Scheme were reinvigorated and the Charity Awards were launched on 1 June 2021 and closed on 15 July 2021. Care was taken to ensure appropriate communications and publicity through internal organisational communications, Twitter and the OAHP website.

28 Applications (27 applicants) were received from across the Partners. Several applications were for more than a single individual and in one case, for a whole team. A total of 59 people will benefit from the Award scheme and the applications can be shown as below:

OBU 1 4
OH 4 15
OH/OU 1 4
OU 2 7
OUH 15 56
OUH/OU 4 15
27 100
Conference 6 21
On-line study 16 57
Educational Visits 1 4
Team day 1 4
Costs for study courses 3 11
Videos and Patient interviews  




28 100
Note: one applicant submitted 2 very modest requests

The Judging Panel was made up as follows:  Paul Carding (OxINMAHR), Ryan Pink (OBU/MetaGuideX), Helen Walthall (OUH), Karl Marlowe (OH), Cathy Henshall (OBU/OH/UO), Sarah Stephenson (OUH), Bill Wells (OH), Chris Bray (OUH), Glenn Wells (MRCUKRI), Guy Rooney (AHSN), Ben Weedon (OBU) and Juliet Bligh (OBU).

A limit of £1,500 was placed on applications with the potential for special circumstances to be recognised. Some applications covered more than one person – and in one case a whole team – and others were for individual requests for travel/conference/course and study support.

The Panel unanimously endorsed the recommendation that all applications (totalling just under £32,000) be approved and welcomed the range and scope of the subject of the applications and applicants. Thought will now be given to how the Scheme might be repeated in future years and additional funds raised for the Charity.  The Board of Trustees then endorsed this recommendation at its meeting in August 2021 and the applicants were subsequently informed and the awards are now being processed.  All applicants will be expected to provide a short report on the activity supported by the award and the benefits gained.

Full details of the transactions will be recorded in the Annual Accounts to be submitted in due course to the Board and the Charity Commission.