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Our work

Our goals and initiatives support the work of the region’s academic and health and care workforce. We facilitate the ongoing development of the region’s rich infrastructure for health research, health education and patient care, and contribute to economic growth. We work independently for our five partner organisations and in collaboration with local and regional organisations.

Who we support


We broker new connections for clinical validation studies and commercialization strategies.


We offer non-partisan consultancy, support, and high-level influence to develop governance and policies for streamlined, joint working practices across the partners.

Researchers and clinical academics:

Our influence helps to develop the region’s integrated and responsive research infrastructure so that it is attractive to funders and investors.

Nurses and the allied health professions:

We champion a culture of interdisciplinary research, offering initiatives to improve research literacy and access to training.

Patients and service users:

Locally and globally, patients and service users benefit from access to new treatments and high-quality care that is imagined, developed, and piloted on the Oxford campus.

Our latest strategic projects:

Expanding the Oxford Joint Research Office

Establishing a framework for data sharing

Oxford Workforce Living Lab

OAHP Award Scheme 2021

OAHP Research Development Award Scheme