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OUH gives update to the Oxfordshire Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Positive feedback from Oxfordshire Joint Health Overview & Scrutiny Committee (HOSC) (thanks to Chris Cunningham for the Trust Management Executive (TME) update)

Dr Bruno Holthof, our Chief Executive Officer, briefed TME members on positive feedback from the Oxfordshire Joint Health Overview & Scrutiny Committee (HOSC) meeting which finished shortly before TME started.

Oxfordshire HOSC is a scrutiny committee of Oxfordshire County Council, consisting of 12 councillors from the County, District, and City councils and up to three co-opted members. Its purpose is to transparently review and scrutinise any matter relating to the planning, provision, and operation of the health service in Oxfordshire.

Bruno explained that he had presented a paper to the HOSC meeting about COVID-19 research, led by the University of Oxford in partnership with ourselves at OUH and other local bodies, which HOSC members were full of praise for.

The COVID-19 research briefing paper is available online if you would like to read about the impressive breadth and depth of groundbreaking COVID-19 research which is happening here locally in Oxfordshire, and which will have a global impact.

Nick Maynard (OUH Trustwide Cancer Lead) and Ruth Wilcockson (Managing Director, Thames Valley Cancer Alliance) presented a paper to the HOSC meeting about cancer services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nick explained how cancer services have been maintained throughout these unprecedented times, while Ruth highlighted that OUH even provided leadership and extra surgical capacity for other providers in the Thames Valley.

HOSC Chair, Cllr Arash Fatemian, asked Nick to pass on to all staff working in cancer services at OUH the “deepest thanks” of HOSC members for their “heroic” work, while another councillor talked about his experience of a family member being treated for cancer at OUH during the pandemic – he said her treatment was “exemplary” and that happily she is now cancer-free.