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Oxford Brookes reveals new Strategy

This strategy sets out our focus and priorities for the next 15 years. 7621_university_strategy2035V8  The Strategy has four Pillars:

  • Education and Enterprise
  • Research and Innovation
  • People and Culture
  • Partnerships and Place

We have worked closely with our students, staff, local community and other stakeholders to create a new vision for Oxford Brookes University for 2020/2021 and beyond. As part of this work we have articulated our bold and ambitious 2035 Vision Statement – an expression of the kind of institution we want to be in 2035.

We are proud to launch a new Guiding Principle of Inclusivity as part of this work. This new Guiding Principle will sit alongside our established principles of ConfidenceEnterprising CreativityConnectedness and Generosity of Spirit. This launch offers the opportunity to reassert our commitment to taking positive steps in creating an environment in which we celebrate, value, and provide equal opportunity for all.

As part of our strategic development work, we examined the external and internal context, including Brookes’ current strengths and areas for improvement and innovation. We took into account the competitive environment and future developments such as the digital agenda and the universities regional, national and international positioning. As work on the strategy progressed we factored in a complete re-prioritisation of our aims in light of the global outbreak of Coronavirus and the steps required for the University to successfully recover and indeed gain strength in the future.

University Governors worked closely with us to define the Educational Character of the institution, which serves as a foundation for the strategy along with the universities guiding principles.

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